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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A 5G-ed Claytronic Cognitive Future

This is a huge picture of the future, so I am gonna be steady with What I wanna say.
First let us get two technology understood.
What is Claytronics?
è Well it’s a branch of nanotech science where devices are conceptualized to be build of millions of nanobots called catoms. The idea is to create and mass produce a type of nanobotic entity which can be programmed to construct a synthetic reality of any existing construct irrespective of the entity being an organism or an object.
For any conceptual/theoretical details on claytronics you can check the Carnegie Mellon University website.
So claytronics offers us an intelligent robo-form which is tiny like a grain and it can communicate with others of its kind and mimic live, objects or organisms in real 3D space.
A simple example [that first came on to my mind], I can sleep at home while my robo-form attend my classes. J
 What is 5G?
è Simple, 3G, then 4G and voila … 5G. 5G is the breed of future network which offers enough cognizance to make devices self aware and intercommunicative. A simple example, my digi-cam/mobile would know the location of the view, the camera is focusing to and wont let me take pictures if camera is not allowed there. Every picture I take, will be uploaded to my cloud storage immediately. Its just a fragment of the masterpiece called the FUTURE.

Why discuss it now!!
è Both of the above technologies are directly linked to AI[artificial Intelligence] and are going to be dominant at the same time.  But the possibility.. more like eventuality of the implementation of 5G in claytronics is kind of unnoticed. There one most impressive display of claytronics and 5G in the movie TRANSFORMERS revenge of the fallen. There is a scene when a decepticon robot[dog] lands on earth and pours a huge number of catoms through a air pipe. And these catoms reach the secured chamber where the CUBE shard was kept. They combine to construct a suitable form to steal the shard.  The reason for discussing now is that, India is ready for it now, this October. And all thanks to Rajnikant. His movie ROBOT though was pretty much inspired from iROBOT and the Bysentinal Man, it had its own spark. There was a scene when huge number of Rajni-bots   combine togather to form a larger robo-sepience and some other construct. Both of the movies are Hit. So the people did digest it easily. It’s the right time to discuss about this.

I did mention that catoms are programmable didn’t I!
Catoms require a new type of programming beyond normal OOP. The revival of TSR with modifications comes into play. The programming environment here, is highly organized, single purposed, densely concentrated and physically a dynamic network of unwired nodes. The clatronic-matrix not only have to be able to transfer packet data through unstable channels but also have to actuate the physical locations of the anonymous nodes while transferring data.
Claytronics is a brainchild of prof. Seth Goldstein[associate professor at Carnegie Mellon] and Todd Mowry[Director at INTEL Research Pittsburge].
With the help of INTEL researchers at Carnegie Mellon developed 2 programming languages for catom matrix programming.  While MELD takes a gobal logical perspective  to ensure higher  proximity to overall performance while LDP[locally distributed predicates] concentrates on distributed pattern matching.
Still both of the languages are underdeveloped and improving contneously.
To improve insight to the subject INTEL is providing an open-source UNIX based simulator [DPRsim] where codes can be tested [supports even C]. Details about Dynamic physical rendering can be found on the Intel website.

OK. Now we have catom. We know that they can be programmed. We have 5G and catoms use network, effectively internet to communicate.
Now, the big picture. After a certain success in claytronics, the template codes for synthesizing reality [e.g. a human simulation, a car, a phone] will be stored on a cloud storage. Catoms will be able to access the codes and download the required ones accordingly. So the catoms are togather  semi-cognitive and they are interacting over a cognitive network.
An outcome scenario>My personal catoms are my pet bots. They keep tack of me. They asses my need and behavioral patterns, store the generated model on cloud, predict my next move. They form a mobile when I need a phone. They might even form my car and drive me to office. They form my couch when I want to rest. There is just no limit to this “to do” list.  

The future may be uncertain to us but not the other way around.  Hell of an imagination… right!!!